Oversized Crewneck F.O.L

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Buying clothes second hand is responsible, more sustainable and ethically sound, and fun. The range of tie dye garments I created are all hand picked from my local thrift stores. I sought out soft, worn in fabrics, flattering cuts, and cozy silhouettes that everyone looks good in. On some of these garments I chose to add a high vibrational symbol, a symbol that really propelled me on my own spiritual journey, the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life represents the divine connection between all beings in the universe and on planet earth. It symbolizes the creation of our existence and how energy naturally flows from one state to another, connecting everything.

Many people claim that if you have one of these sacred geometric symbols tattooed on your body, it causes a spiritual activation. Very shortly after I got the Flower of Life tattooed on my right forearm, I experienced a very intense awakening and started my healing journey which I have now been on since October, 2018.
I chose to incorporate this powerful symbol on the garments to help bring healing and activation energies to whoever wears it.