"I’d like to preface this review by saying that I had never had a reiki session or reading in my life before working with Jessi. I was averse to such practices because I assumed that whoever was doing the reading would just use context clues to give me information that would resonate. Jessi and I knew each other for about a week before this session and there were things she brought up in me that I’d never looked at before. Her reading gave me insight and put meaning to things I would typically brush off as coincidence. I’ve been going through a hard season of life with my family, I would have never become the person I am or be able to heal the broken pieces of my soul without Jessi’s guidance and help. Her reiki session gave me an overwhelming sense of peace and relief. She made me comfortable throughout the work and always let me know what was going to happen on her end before starting the sessions, this let me be completely vulnerable with her - a necessity when healing such deep traumas. Anyone would be lucky to have Jessi guide them through their hard times, I cannot express how deeply she has impacted my life. Not only in the way I view myself but also the way I see those who have hurt me in the past, those who I may need to forgive. She brings honesty with loving intention and it shows. We’ve done a few readings since the first one, and each time new messages come through I know I’m heading down the right path of spirituality. Though we don’t live in the same area, I make an effort to have open discussions about the signs I get from the outside world and try to do a reading with her whenever we are in the same place. Truly a light and gift to this world" - Taryn A.


"Jessie, from start to finish, creates a comfortable and helpful environment for reading a past life. Before the reading, she reached out and answered all my questions, putting me at ease. During the reading, she did an excellent job of presenting the past life information in a helpful way. I appreciated hearing about my spirit guide and I felt chills of past events coming back to me. Certain things in my present life now have more clarity. I appreciate the detail she went into and am impressed with all the information she uncovered that I can use to help heal myself. Thanks again, Jessie!" - Bill C. 


"the reading i received was so accurate and it addressed some of the worries i had about my future. everything she said was true and i really needed to hear what the cards had to say. jessie is a wonderful tarot card reader. she gets to the point and makes sure everything is understood clearly." - Gianna L. 


"I received a reading from Jessie a while back & it truly helped me so so much. She was so sweet & gave me reassurance on issues I deal with. She connected with my guides & told me things that only I would know. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know. I always come back & listen to the reading when I’m feeling lost. I LOVE HER!" - Sophie S. 


"My past life reading was super detailed and really resonated, it definitely gave me some clarity! I’ve had many readings through the internet in the past and this was by far my favorite, it is hard to find great readers through a screen, 100% recommend." - Summer M.


"Jessie's reading left me completely mindblown. I wasn't sure what kind of reading I would get but she exceeded any prior expectations I may have had! There are definitely signs that will just make sense from your past life. Jessie is extremely extremely gifted, intuitive and warm. She makes you feel super comfortable and is amazing at communicating. I will definitely be getting more readings from her." - Emmy W.


"I've had two readings done by Jessie so far and they definitely won't be my last. She is so passionate about her gifts and helping others and that is very evident when you receive a reading from her or follow her on her social media's. I've learned so much more about spirituality, spirit guides, etc by watching her videos on Instagram and TikTok and it has motivated me to really dive into my own spiritual journey. Both readings I've had done have been spot on with what I'm going through and I've felt like a weight has been lifted each time after listening to my readings. Jessie is very encouraging, humble, passionate, and genuine and cannot wait to connect with her and my spirit guides more ❤️" - Michael P. 

"this was my first reading, so i didn't have any expectations, but jessie blew my mind. she went into great detail and provided me with an abundance of clarity about my spirit guides and my life in general. she has deeply encouraged me to dive even deeper into my spiritual journey and given me such insightful advice. jessie has an amazing gift, and her ability to connect with someone so closely through a screen is even more amazing. i will definitely be returning for another reading!" - Mya R. 

"i recieved a meet your spirit guides reading from jessie and she was amazing!!!! literally everything she said resonated with me, and i feel so grateful to have recieved all of the messages i did! thanks so much jessie" - Jenna M.