Natal Chart Reading


In this reading, I will explore the houses, planets, degrees and important aspects in your natal chart. I go into great detail about your purposes, challenges, love predictions, health, your darker self, karmic cycles from family, friends and even your past lives.
Upon ordering this reading, your natal chart reading has a 4-6 WEEK waiting period where I take the time to digest and write everything out so you will have a physical copy of your natal chart forever. I will send the completed reading via email or text, whichever you prefer.

I have been studying astrology for a few years now and a few months ago, I noticed I was able to channel my clients past lives through their natal chart! Once I started to really see just how accurate my natal chart readings were, I knew I needed to make this an option for clients of mine who would like to dive deep into their chart.
My abilities are forever expanding and astrology has been a gift granted to me.
Everything leads to something greater in astrology and I found myself spending hours researching and practicing reading my friends charts.

One of my clients, I had never met her before and only knew her by first name. I offered to give her a free natal chart reading for practice and I was able to accurately see the karma she had experienced with family.
Another reading, I had done for an old friend whom I haven't spoken to in quite some time, I was able to channel that she had experienced a past life in the early 1900s from only looking at her aspects in her chart. She was able to confirm this prediction by saying she had taken art classes that studied the art from the late 1800s to the early 1900s and she has a noticeable interest in that time era.

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