$55.55 - $111.11

From a certified professional reiki healer, I make it my priority to help release any stagnant energy that is meant to be released to further your healing journey.

Reiki Healing is the act of using natural healing abilities and channeling the universal life force energy to ease our auric fields.
When activated and applied for purposes of healing, Reiki addresses the mind, body and spirit. It opens the mind and spirit to the causes of energetic blocks we've created through karma, releases pain and disharmony.
Reiki is powerful but very gentle and has been used for healing illnesses of the mind, body and spirit since the early 1900s.

What to expect during a Reiki session:
Many clients of mine report to slip into a deep meditative state, some fall asleep due to deep relaxation and others feel like the hour session passed in just 5 minutes!!
Feelings of tingly sensations throughout the body, seeing closed eye visuals, feeling extra sensitive to the energy around them and its very common to experience a major emotional release.

How does Distance Reiki work?
Sending healing energy across time and space is just as effective as receiving Reiki in person! Think about it in terms of understanding that everything in this world and universe is based on vibration, frequency and energy.
When you make a phone call to someone, you can't see the electromagnetic radio waves our phones use to connect to the one you're calling but they're still receiving your call.
If your intuition pulls you to receive a Reiki session but you don't live anywhere near Nashville, TN... Distance Reiki is an option for you!!

I specialize in shadow work which is the root to discovering all things keeping us out of alignment with your highest self and most desired life ✨When you receive Reiki from me, it is my mission to guide the blocks away and align you with the highest outcome.

If you don't have Paypal, I left my Venmo in the 'SOCIALS' section on the homepage. When making the payment through Venmo, use the caption of the title of the reading you're booking. Thank you!!

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